Tarot as a tool for mediumship

Tarot can be used as a tool to orient oneself on the spiritual path and as a guide to inner change and truth. The symbolism of the imagery contains detailed esoteric meaning that reveal any unseen messages.
Card decks come in many different forms and with different interpretation systems. It is often presupposed that tarot has to do with prophecy, which would indicate that the human life is completely deterministic; that fate is sealed and static. This is not my view, and to me the cards have no inherent magic. They are merely a visual tool for medialistic relating of information, helping to bring clarity and insight to the information passed along from the spiritual realm. As such, the cards bring detail to conditions that may be relevant to choices and actions in the future. Still, every chice is up to the individual.
NUMEROLOGY is another method that I use with good results. Based on age-old wisdom, numerology has an incredible ability to help on the way of spiritual development.

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