Exhibitions & statements

Exhibitions 2017

Meeting in reflection - Acrylic on canvas - 54x54 cm Meeting in reflection - Acrylic on canvas - 54x54 cm

Vattumannen Bookshop
Drottninggatan 83, Stockholm
8 juli - 5 augusti, 2017
Öppettider: 11-19 alla dagar
(söndagar stängt) Vattumannen Bookstore

Vattumannen Bookshop
Drottninggatan 83, Stockholm
10 juni - 8 juli, 2017
Öppettider: 11-19 alla dagar
(söndagar stängt) Vattumannen Bookstore

Hartexpo Barcelona 2017
Hartexpo International Art Show in Barcelona, Spain
20 May - 24 May 2017
Youtube-klipp från 2013

Edsvik Art Fair
Edsviks ArtHall
, Landsnoravägen 42, 192 51 Sollentuna
20 april - 23 april 
Öppettider: Fre 11.00-23.00, Lördag & Sönd 11.00-17.00
 VIP visning 20/4 kl 18 - 21

SpringExhibition - Nynäshamns ArtHall
18 mars - 8 april
Stadshusplatsen 3, 14981 Nynäshamn 

'Settimane Italiane' Q Gallery - Italien month
Torggatan 11, Köping
11 februari - 10 mars 2017

Exhibitions 2016

Barcelona Art Fair med GAA - Global Art Agency
Museum Maritim de Barcelona (MMB) Barcelona, Spanien
Av. de less Drassanes, 08001 Barcelona
Barcelona ArtFair
2016-12-16 - 2016-12-17 

Art Fair Gothenburg ~ Both 31
Exercishuset på Heden i Göteborg - Avenyn
2016-08-26 - 2016-08-28 DeloopArt

Konstpoolen - Nynäshamn Konstpoolen.se
2016-02-06 - 2016-02-25

Springexhibition Nynäshamns Arthall, Statshusplatsen 3 
2016-03-19 - 2016-04-10 

"Segnalati" goes to Naples
"Le carceri" (The prisons), legendary place of Castel Dell'Ovo, Naples - - -  Neapel, Italien
From 22 to 24 of June, 2016

Featured in
VISUAL THOUGHT: Art & Expression, New York C

Casanova Art Award - Art prize
Flangini Palace, Venedig, Italy - 2016-09-17

Exhibitions 2015

2015 - Exhibition and Art Award of Leonardo da Vinci, Italy - I got an International Prize

2015 - The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists Award 2015, and exhibition

2015 - Art exhibition and Art Award - I got a 'Unicef Art Prize'

2015 - Art exhibition and Art Award - Marco Polo International Prize

Exhibitions 2014

2014 - Stockholm Art Exhibition - in spring at Solna Art show 

2014 - Studio Vogue Gallery - Toronto Ontario, Canada

2014 - Art Monaco´ ~ Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Exhibitions 2013

2013 - Art exhibition and award - Biennale of Chianciano, Chianciano Art Museum, Italy - Certificate for Artistic Merit Award 

2013 - Gagliardi Gallery, 509 King's Road, Chelsea, London

2013 - Ljusgården in Linköping, Sweden - During the month of February; Linköping - Ljusgården i Linköping

Exhibitions 2012 and earlier

2012 - Chianciano Museum, Italy International Art Award and Exhibition - Honourable Mention for Artistic Merit awarded

2012 - Art exhibition at the Casino i Kitzbühel, Austria

2012 - November; Sigtuna Minicipallity Community Center - I was the artist of the month, during November 2012 - Sweden

Art in Roslagen - Open Studios, Juried Art Round (in my own studio) Juried Art Round - I participated for some years, untill I moved on to an other municipality 

EXPO 2010 Gothenburg Stadsbibliotek (Juried)

2009 - Art Fair 'Kistamässan/Kista Art Fair', Artists Exhibition on fall, Sweden

2009 - Gallery Hagman - in Stockholm, Sweden

2008 - Stockholm Art Exhibition ~ Spring salon

"Hagasalongen" juried exhibitions - Spring exhibition

A number of exhibitions at a mall in Åkersberga Centre - together with other artists.

A number of exhibitions at a mall in Täby Centre - together with other artists.


~ * ~

I have exhibited in many different countries over the world, as well as home in Sweden. And over the years a number of solo exhibitions at scattered places like gallerys, libraries, restaurants etc.

I have been accepted into numerous juried exhibitions, with great competition, and sometimes I have participated, but also I have had to refrain because of other things that occupied my time


Curator recension;
"The work of Carina Ehlers is a hymn to freedom, an encouragement to soar and reach our goals, but seemingly unattainable. An illustrated version of the great deep, riding the wave of a hyper-realism resting on a strong surrealism. An artistic expression of great symbolic and technical expertise."
  -Martina Calari    (translated from Italian) 

"Visionary artist and psychic medium, Carinas artwork explores the link between spirituality and the visible world. Her artwork is internationally acclaimed and found in private collections around the world.

Award-winning artist Carina Ehlers mixes fairy tales, classic romanticism and modern realism. As a practicing psychic medium, she conciders herself to be a channel between the earthly world and the spirit world. Her paintings explore the spirituality and duality of the world as one and the same." 
 - Salvatore Russo

tel: +46(0)73-5854005 
email: carinas.box@gmail.com
http//: www.carinaehlers.se

From Barcelona Art Fair, 2016
*Mind Over Matter' - 80x50 cm, oil on canvas
Acrylic on panel